EP42: Cognac Conversations

Brandy and Josh link up again to discuss the state of the culture. Learned behavior, insecurities, imbalances, and lack of leadership are all interconnected as the two friends explore where things have gone wrong for so many young black people in dating, finances, being comfortable with yourself, and healing from past experiences. They don’t claim to know all the answers or solutions, but have found that continual evaluation of self and allowing yourself to be held accountable are required for a person to begin to find their own path to figuring out who they are and learning to appreciate that person. Josh opens up about considering counseling in light of what he learned from one of Jay-Z’s most vulnerable interviews. Brandy encourages people to ask themselves, “why?” to better understand who they are and what motivates them. Together, the friends unpack what it looks like to be honest with yourself and the people around you as you continue level up.

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