Rather than counting losses, Chris Royal has a perspective of wins and lessons. Through life’s ups and downs, he’s managed to enter a career as an engineer, become a role model, and develop lifelong friendships that look more like family. Royal talks to Brandy about growing up on the East Side, the role his parents played in his life, statewide party planning in Stillwater with The Movement Ent., breaking into his dream career, being vocal about his faith, and being a good Nupe. Lessons he’s learned from life have pushed him to persevere and flourish through hardship in a way where he’s seemed to come out better each time. Royal went from being laid off, to finding a job that paid well but didn’t like, to taking a risk on a contract job, to landing a full-time role in the engineering field he actually enjoys. As much hard work and mental strength it took to get here, he still has his eyes set on the ultimate goal of establishing his own engineering firm.

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