EP52: The Return Of DJ Keilo

Keilo is fresh off the plane from Bahrain – an Arabic monarchy in the Persian Gulf. The well-traveled DJ recounts his time in the island country spinning in clubs, turning out day parties, and finding local shisha. The night life there starts at 6 pm and doesn’t let up for twelve more hours with Sheiks, working girls, and a lot of money as nightly fixtures. Keilo used the time away from the states to work on his craft as he was being stretched in a new environment. Though he started as a strictly reggae DJ in Europe and then Japan, this last international stint has Keilo locked in on what’s up next. Booked through July across the US, he was on a flight to Denver just days after getting back from Bahrain – on to the next one. The two friends discuss protecting your energy, going after what you want, and staying the course even after the people you expect to don’t show love. Keilo also talks about how important it is to grow as a DJ and not become predictable. Intent on being different by being himself with projects and new ventures in development, his next move is anything but.

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