EP61: Marlon Owens

“We want to give you our heart and love on a plate.” This is Marlon’s vision for the company he co-founded a year ago. Learning his love for cooking from his grandmother, the natural born hustler will mix spices, cooking techniques, and flavors to take his clients around the world on a plate. Whether it’s risotto, or D’USSÉ honey wings, the not so secret ingredient is always love. Marlon pulls up on Brandy with a pan of hot wings and a bottle of cognac, while the two talk about his life and the journey he’s taken as an entrepreneur. Spending most of his childhood in Europe, Marlon came back to the states at 10 years old with memories of schnitzel, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Autobahn. After some time away, Marlon has returned to OKC with propelling Sōl into the powerhouse he’s been manifesting on his mind. After a year, the business has seen large orders and hints of even bigger things to come.

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