Avery Stevenson, Jr. has been cultivating the streetball culture in OKC since the first season of The Cage in 2012. The basketball player turned business man, was born and raised on the west side of OKC, where he’d find any way to put a ball to the pavement. After seeing the Harlem Globetrotters as a kid, Avery’s dream of graduating college and playing ball full time was cemented. He didn’t just have personal hoop dreams, he also wanted to inspire other kids like himself through the sport that he loved. After 3 seasons with The Harlem Superstars, similar to the globetrotters, he’d realized that dream and came back to OKC with a vision for a community based platform that brought the AND 1 streetball culture to downtown OKC. Brandy talks to the father and husband about his life and the future of The Cage in OKC, but not without giving Avery a hard time about that buzzer beater shot that knocked his team out of the finals.

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