The Anonymous Series is here to give people a voice without them having to give up their identity. It’s for the streets to tell their story, for victims to speak out, and for the underworld to be heard. The source’s voice will be disguised, but the conversations will be left unfiltered for listeners to experience. The first episode in the series went behind the scenes of the adult film industry with an actress sharing the details of how the game actually works.

Brandy talks to an adult actress about what brought her to the industry and how it really works. From where the big money is made to how racism impacts careers, the two get into details that no one usually hears about. The anonymous entertainer reveals how scenes are made, what certain shots are worth, and how to control your own content. Pinky, Kim Kardashian, Jessie James and more come up during the confidential conversation. The voice is distorted, but the story is unfiltered for a glimpse into the adult film industry.

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