Growing up, Gregory had always been a writer. After getting away from it, dark times compelled him to return to his childhood passion. Choosing a different route than completing a college degree, the artist moved to California to pursue a career fueled by the creative arts. Life in LA brought fast lessons in brand building, sparking the idea to fill a void in the OKC market. A self-taught YouTuber, from marketing to screen printing, Gregory saw a place for poetry in the City. Drawing inspiration from local groups, he set out to build a brand of his own – Poetry and Chill. Now a staple in the creative community, the platform routinely brings artists old, young, and in between onto the stage for crowds of people looking for a chill vibe, local art, and live music. As Poetry and Chill continues to grow, Gregory lets Brandy in on some of the newest developments the brand is pushing including afterschool workshops for kids and advocating literacy in students. With an upcoming rap project, workshops to facilitate, events to organize, and sights set on opening a school in the future, the social entrepreneur is not letting off the gas.

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