There are not many artists who are equally gifted both at rapping and singing. However, this week’s guest is phenomenal at both. Episode 197 features a talented lyricist from the Eastside of Oklahoma City named Savion. This is Savion’s first interview, and he openly shares his truth as he discusses his career trajectory. Savion is beyond talented, and the realism and depth of his music are unrivaled. While Savion remains humble, it is clear that he is one of OKC’s artists that is on the rise. His lyrics discuss a variety of issues, including mental health, loss, triumph, and more. He reveals that he gains inspiration from life and states, “Every song is literally just life.” His raw rhymes coupled with his smooth singing voice on the hooks complement each other beautifully. He has a vibrant personality and an incredible stage presence. He can certainly draw a crowd, as most recently seen at his sold-out show. His latest project, Ginuine Juice, was released this summer. It is a pure vibe with rich melodies, epic storytelling, and songs that capture the essence of life. It is vividly apparent that Savion has arrived. As his song states, “Its been a long time coming” but his time is now. Savion’s music is available on all streaming platforms. Do your ears a favor and go listen after you enjoy this episode.

Instagram: @savion_dot_com

Songs Featured in This Episode:

0:00- Eastside

27:41- Whole Ass King- Thomas Who? Feat. Takeez, Savion, BonezFlow and Sun Deep

32:02- Ginuine Juice

34:05-  Blendin’ Feat Nia Moné

49:36- Come Up

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