EP76: The Return Of Chris McCain

Chris the God MC just dropped what many are already calling a classic. The husband and father caught back up with Brandy and talked about what he’s been working on since his season one episode. The two dive into McCain’s latest project, ‘Now Showing’, track by track through the seven song album. From “Alpha and Omega” to “Don’t Matter”, the album samples classic films like The Five Heartbeats, Boyz in the Hood, Lean on Me, and Poetic Justice. With each track purposely placed, listening order matters and headphones are recommended. McCain talks about Oklahoma City as a late blooming city and what the future will look like for the upcoming generation. With an intent to make music that will last, the artist focuses on elevating his craft and expressing his life organically. The local rapper talks about the concept of “local rap”, citing places like Oakland and NYC and how their local rap scenes have become household names in neighborhoods around the world. ‘Now Showing’ is now streaming on Apple Music.

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