Episode 151 is a follow-up episode to his New York City series and was recorded live in Central Park on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Special guest Nicci Cheatham returns to the show and shares how life has changed since her last appearance. The two have a light-hearted conversation as Nicci reminisces on her wedding weekend that took place last year in Cabo. Nicci along with her husband Kevin both share details on their lives as newlyweds and how they endured the Covid-19 pandemic. Nicci is an award-winning videographer and gives details on how the virus affected work. While many struggled to find inspiration during these troubling times, Nicci shares how her creativity peaked as she finally had time to pursue passion projects. Their video production company Drix Media continues to create dope content with stellar imagery. Nicci has an impeccable eye and the innate ability to create breathtakingly vivid videos. Nicci details her future plans for Drix media as well as her personal aspirations on the show. Her radiant personality shines in this episode as the friends discuss life. Nicci’s growth from the last episode is amazing and we are sure that she will continue to flourish in her future endeavors. Be sure to check out www.drixmedia.com to view their amazing content and to book services if in the NYC area.

Instagram: @drixmedia

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