EP102: Marqus Stutson

In today’s society marriage appears to be obsolete. With constant temptations and social media at our fingertips; can a marriage truly be successful?  In this week’s episode, Marqus Stutson shares that the answer is yes!

Marqus Stutson hails from Oklahoma City and is a UCO alum. He chats with Brandy about how his experiences as a student athlete laid the foundation for his determination and work ethic.

Marqus  also candidly reveals what he has learned through his experiences with relationships. Marqus is very transparent and details the tough trials he overcame and mistakes he made while dating his now wife Kayla. He discloses the moment that changed the trajectory of his relationship with Kayla and what made him realize that she is the one.  Kayla also gives her perspective and expresses how she used discernment and listened to God regarding her relationship with Marqus. Ultimately, God had the final say in regards to their relationship. Their powerful testimony led to the  creation of the Marriage Chronicles. The Marriage Chronicles provides insightful videos, information and tips on how to build a successful marriage with a solid foundation. Initially the Stutsons wanted to simply share their love story to encourage others. The positive feedback led to the couple creating a website, Youtube Channel and Facebook page. Their goal is “to equip, mentor, and provide a reality to being young and married.”  The couple does not claim to be perfect by any means. However, they use their platform to not only share their mistakes but the steps they take to nurture their marriage.  Kayla and Marqus are a true embodiment of 1 Corinthians 13:7 “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.”  The end of the podcast features audio from The Marriage Chronicles on 6 rules on serving your spouse.


Instagram: @_marriage_chronicles_

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