EP163: Liit Factory Dispensary

There is a new dispensary coming to Oklahoma City and it’s guaranteed to be Liit. Episode 163 features Brandy Mayes and Shelby Johnson Jr.; the proud owners of Liit Factory Dispensary. The two friends turned business partners are proud to announce their new business venture as they prepare to take on the medical marijuana market by storm. Brandy and Jr. discuss why they decided to invest in themselves, levels to the competition and their future plans for Liit Factory. They also provide insights on what they have accomplished behind the scenes such as researching products, meetings with growers, and the construction of the shop. Liit Factory is in a prime location and will soon be one of the hottest dispensaries in Okc known for their premium product. Look out for more details regarding Liit Factory’s Grand Opening in 2021.

Instagram: @Liit_factory 

Logo: Demarco Robinson

Carpenter: Pedro J. Grijalva 

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