When listening to 90 Bone 2’s music, the passion fueled by pain coupled with raw, candid imagery of the streets is evident. You will hear all of that and more in this episode featuring rapper 90 Bone 2. Born and raised on the eastside of Oklahoma City, 90 Bone grew up under unfavorable circumstances. This ultimately led him to street life and gang activity. Brandy and 90 Bone have a straightforward discussion regarding 90 Bone’s upbringing and the abuse he suffered as a child. He openly shares with Brandy compelling tales of his past and how spending a total of 15 years in prison changed him. Today, 90 Bone is focused on his music, and he gives the listeners a glimpse of his creative process. He is also focused on his stop the violence campaign, and the motto is “positivity is the new cool.” After learning that his daughter and her friends  were afraid to go to Penn Square Mall, 90 Bone knew that it was time to put an end to gun violence. He set his pride aside and started his silence the violence movement, which is quickly gaining support in Oklahoma City. The focus of this episode is not to glorify gang banging but to demonstrate the negative impact it has on society. 90 Bone is now utilizing his talents for the greater good and hopes to positively impact today’s youth. He also wants other gang members to realize that there is an alternative and encourages positivity despite his past. 90 Bone’s story is truly motivational, and his growth will inspire the audience. Although he did not go to high school, he has been a guest speaker at the University of Central Oklahoma and Rose State College which is an amazing accomplishment. 90 Bone 2 is a prime example that it is never too late to make strides to improve yourself and chase your dreams.

Song Featured in episode: All Facts- 90 Bone 2 Featuring Tanaja

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