Nayborhood Barbie is undeniably the hottest female rapper coming out of Oklahoma City. Fresh off from winning “Best Performance” at the Big Show, Nayborhood Barbie stops by the studio to chat with Brandy and give the audience a deeper insight to who she is beyond being an artist.

Nayborhood Barbie is from Spencer, Oklahoma, and graduated salutatorian from Star Spencer High School. She shares how life was growing up and how her surroundings affected her. The pain and struggle are clearly depicted in her music as she vividly describes her life experiences and lessons learned from street life. There is no
cap in her raps, she is 100% authentic and not afraid to share her truth.

Upon hearing her music, listeners will be shocked to learn that she only started rapping a mere 8 months ago. She explains how she started rapping and gives details on the inspiration behind the music. Nayborhood Barbie already sounds like a veteran on the microphone as she effortlessly rides any beat. She possesses the duality to spit
aggressively as well as show her vulnerability and softer side. She describes her writing process and how she pours her heart into her music which makes her extremely relatable. She has impeccable wordplay and her lyrical content is intriguing. Nayborhood Barbie can go toe to toe with any rapper; male or female. Her music is the perfect blend of gritty, hardcore hip hop mixed with the glamour and essence of being a woman. Not only is Nayborhood Barbie an amazing emcee but she is also a great performer as well. The Big Show was her first time performing in front of a large crowd. However, she still wowed the audience with her epic performance and powerful stage presence.

This episode is full of exclusives. You can hear unreleased tracks, and a freestyle from Nayborhood Babie, live in the studio. She reveals she is currently putting the finishing touches on her next album. Be on the lookout as it will be released soon. Her current single entitled Crazy is now available on all streaming platforms. In the song, she states “I’m big general when you see me salute.” After hearing this episode everyone will definitely be giving Nayborhood Barbie the respect she rightfully deserves.

Instagram: nayborhoodbarbie_s4l
Music  featured in this episode:
24:19- Crazy
35:00- I-35
41:20- Freestyle
44:50- Supply Pressure

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