What happens when two podcasters link up? Find out in Episode 125 featuring Alex Taylor. Alex is from Moore, Oklahoma, and is the creator/host of three podcasts. Brandy and Alex have a light-hearted chat about content creation, staying motivated as a creator and some of their mutual favorite podcasts. Alex began listening to Taxstone while in high school and was inspired to start his first show, “The Alexander Taylor Show.” Fueled by a strong desire to succeed and motivation to help others led him to create additional shows. Podcasting served as an outlet while he battled with depression. Alex is honest and upfront about his struggles with mental health and how cognitive therapy helped improve his thought process and relationships. This led to the creation of his second show called “Let’s Do Therapy,” which discusses mental health topics with a licensed therapist. His third podcast is a relationship-based that he hosts with his girlfriend entitled “Intertwined Podcast.” Brandy and Alex also give their opinions on what it is like to have your own podcast in Oklahoma. They also converse about struggles with interacting with other curators within the podcast community. Alex also shares his goals for his podcasts and his aspiration to expand his reach to a broader audience. With 10,000 plays on his first show under his belt, Alex is definitely on his way to achieving those goals. The sky is the limit, and content is indeed currency.

IG: @At_podcasting

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_PLBipOE0h_dPYQ80UCcrg

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