Episode 149 features Dialtone and was recorded live in Tulsa at No Parking Studios. Dialtone is an exceptionally gifted rapper and artist who is taking Tulsa by storm with his music and captivating art pieces. Dialtone and Brandy have an introspective chat regarding art, music, and the Tulsa hip hop scene. Dialtone explains what it was like growing up in Tulsa and how he evolved into a rapper and artist. Heavily influenced by Nas and Snoop Dog, Dialtone’s wordplay is impeccable and his smooth cadence glides over any beat. He shares how he strives to infuse the music with his artistry. His artwork is abstract yet beautifully powerful. His creative pieces have intricate details and colors that are mesmerizing. Dialtone shares his journey to selling his art and how he drew inspiration while being in Cancun. He now owns an art studio called No Parking Studios as he continues to hone his craft and sell dope paintings. Dialtone states he is one of the “sleeper” artists from World Culture Music Group. However, his music and art are both no longer slept on as he continues to excel musically and artistically. His music is available on all streaming platforms and you can check out his art at www.noparkingstudios.com and on Instagram @noparkingstudios @tonesbeach.
Music in this episode:
0:00-Nops- Dialtone featuring Yung Trunkz

36:05- Individuals- Dialtone featuring Jay Worthy

39:23- Vsxoasis- 1st Verse featuring Dialtone

43:37- QuikTrip (QT Run)-Dialtone

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