Episode 152 features radio host Nita Skky. While she insistently states that she is not a legend; the stats show that Nita Skyy is indeed legendary. She has been a radio DJ for over ten years and is well known for her energetic on-air personality on Wild 104.9. In this week’s show, listeners have the opportunity to learn more about the woman behind the microphone. Nita Skky is from the east side of Oklahoma City and proudly represents her alma mater, Douglass High School. Nita obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Langston University. She had her first radio show while in college and shares how she overcame being timid In the studio. Nita Skky always had an end goal in mind and chronicles how she initially started as a board operator and later had the opportunity to become on- air talent. She reveals how she was able to find her voice and details hardships she faced while working in media. Nita Skky was able to capitalize on her natural gift of gab and established a successful career. Obtaining longevity on a Top 40 radio station is an undeniable accomplishment. Nita Skky is not only charismatic but also inspirational and we wish her success as she continues to be a staple in the Oklahoma City radio industry. You can catch Nita Skky on Wild 104.9 all weekend long! She is on air for the Friday Night Jumpoff Mix  from 10pm- 1 am, on the Saturday Night Hot Mix from 8pm-midnight and on Sunday from 3pm-8pm.

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