Episode 166 features Eastside’s very own LowKey Kemp. Lowkey Kemp gives an introspective interview as he discusses hardships faced during his upbringing, the progression of his music, and the development of his artistry. Lowkey Kemp started turning his pain into art by rapping at the young age of 10. By high school he was putting out full-length albums with his friends. Inspired by the death of his close friend and fellow rapper K Swiss, Lowkey Kemp has been growing as an artist at rapid speed. He is a true wordsmith with the undeniable ability to massacre any track. Not one to be put in a box, Lowkey Kemp shares that he prides himself on being a versatile artist. To display another side of his artistry and to connect to more listeners, LowKey Kemp will be putting out a rap album featuring Neo-Soul singers this year. You can hear two exclusive tracks in this episode. In the unreleased song entitled Self Made he states, “I’m headed for greatness/ gotta speak it into existence/ you heard me say it /so when I do it you can’t say it’s luck.” Lowkey Kemp is definitely putting the work in to head for greatness and we can’t wait to witness his rise to the top. Be on the lookout for his new project dropping soon. Lowkey Kemp’s music is available on all streaming platforms.

Music featured in this episode:

0:00 Lifestyle Freestyle

22:55- No Cap

33:31- Thug Love featuring Lil South

45:20 – Self made

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