EP175: Devoted Media

What happens when a genius writer and a brilliant videographer join forces? Pure magic. Episode 175 features the return of dynamic duo Nicole Jocleen and VideoHero of Devoted Media. Both were early supporters of the podcast. Nicole was on episode 15 and VideoHero was on episode 39.

 Devoted Media is a black-owned film production company that is taking Oklahoma City by storm. They sit down with Brandy to discuss the film community in Oklahoma City, past creations, and upcoming projects. They also share the importance of showcasing and uplifting Black life on film. Since their conception in 2015; they have written, filmed, and produced popular web series such as On the Scene and Quarantine Dreams. Digital Media Group has also released short films and documentaries. They reiterate the importance of art imitating life and documenting the culture of the Black community in Oklahoma City in real-time. Their projects highlight relatable topics such as relationships, mental health, Covid-19, and social injustice. They tell profound stories that need to be shared and beautifully depict the struggles and triumphs we all face. Nicole has the innate ability to write vividly and create breathtaking scenes and the art is captured magnificently on film by VideoHero. Their projects are prolific, thought-provoking, and entertaining. The importance and beauty of Black cinema lies not only within its storytelling but also in the visibility of its creators which makes Nicole and VideoHero a powerful team. Their newest project entitled Good Morning Liberties will be released soon. Digital Media Group are trailblazers who have made a profound impact and they have more big projects on the horizon.  They create remarkable and culturally significant masterpieces and they deserve our respect and support. You can view their projects on YouTube by searching Devoted Media Group https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkm-OyP_-Ujf2H7HBlFPQ2g?feature=emb_ch_name_ex

Instagram: @devotedmeda @nicolejocleen @videoherotv

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