EP178: The Return Of StateGang Vince

Episode 178 features the return of the wave, Stategang Vince.  He first appeared on the show in episode 31. Vince and Brandy chat about his most recent dual project titled StateGang Vince A.K.A. DonVinny- The Mixtape and The EP. This project is one of the hottest releases to hit Oklahoma City. It was so hot that the project was leaked to Oklahoma City playlists prior to the official release and promotion. Vince goes into depth about the mixtape and the album. This project was methodically crafted, from the bars and adlibs and to the production. Vince’s producer, K-Dub, also joins the conversation to share how he constructed the production to compliment Vince’s bars. The mixtape was mixed by Dj Keilo and brings a grimy yet flashy New York feel to the sound. Vince has incredible storytelling abilities, and he states that it is “lifestyle rap.” The imagery in his rhymes vividly details street life but also a lavish lifestyle. There is no cap in Vince’s raps as he details trapping as well as the opulence that comes with the lifestyle. While this project may not be for everyone; everyone can definitely enjoy it and his flow is undeniable. He delivers raps on the microphone with confidence, and it shows. The StateGang Vince A.K.A. DonVinny project is a masterpiece. The warm reception it received from the streets is evidence that this is what the game has been missing. StateGang Vince A.K.A. DonVinny The Mixtape and The EP are both available on all streaming platforms.

Instagram: @stategangvince

Music Featured In This Episode:

0:00 Club Suga Rays (Playa Section)- StateGang Vince Feat. $nake G (produced by K-Dub, mixed by DJ Keilo)

21:30- Big Business (produced by K-Dub, mixed by DJ Keilo)

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