When men and women have so many dating options today, does black love truly exist? Is it possible? This week’s guests are here to prove that the answer to those questions is YES! Episode 207 features Leck and Geramey Coleman. This couple is the utmost reflection of young black love and are both incredibly influential. The Colemans host their podcast called Ode to Black Love: A podcast dedicated to narrating Black Love Stories. What initially began as a pandemic passion project has quickly blossomed into one of the most popular podcasts in Oklahoma City. The Ode to Black Love podcast highlights black love stories, no matter what the relationship may look like to others. They are doing a fantastic job at creating a space to have honest yet uplifting conversations to illustrate that black love is indeed possible. The Colemans have incredible chemistry and share their love story and chat about various topics. These topics include dating, communication, therapy, and the dynamic between black men and women. They also share their desire to build up the black community. The Colemans are single handedly shifting the narrative on the perception of black love and the complexity of relationships. Most importantly, the Colemans are relatable, easy-going, and nonjudgmental. They have the unique ability to connect with listeners because they candidly share their trials and triumphs. The Colemans are definitely couple goals, and their impact will not go unnoticed. You can catch the Ode to Black Love Podcast on all digital streaming platforms every Tuesday. They deserve not only our respect but also our support. 


Facebook: Ode to Black Love Podcast

Instagram: @odetoblacklove

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