A Shot of Brandy Podcast has always uplifted and celebrated strong black women creators. Therefore, it is only fitting for this week’s guest, Nia Mone, to appear on the show. The beautiful siren is an amazing singer, songwriter, and visual artist. She stops by to share her compelling story and her career journey thus far. She explains the musical awakening that further led her to become the artist she is today. She breaks down the songs from her new project, Dysphoria, and gives insight into her creative process. Nia Mone has a gorgeously smooth and sultry voice and an impeccable pen. She vividly illustrates pain, heartache, and love over mellow yet inviting beats. Dysphoria is a pure vibe that both men and women can relate to and enjoy. The entire project flows effortlessly, and every song is fire. Nia Mone is a deliberate creator who is intentional with her art, from her writing to her beat selection, instrumentation, and live shows. She has a remarkable stage presence, and her hard work is not going unnoticed. Please keep a lookout for Nia Mone because she is a rising star who is headed straight to the top. Nia Mone’s music is available on all streaming platforms; please stream and support it after listening to this episode. You won’t regret it!

Songs Featured in This Episode:

0:00- Pumpkin Pie

3:37- Late At Night-ft. Spunk Adams

40:38- I Felt Better Manifesting a Vibe- Chris The God MC Feat. Nia Money & Young BUD

41:44- Broken Love- Parris Chariz Feat. Nia Mone

46:11- Saturn

55:24- In Line

1:01:58- Blendin- Savion Feat. Nia Mone

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