EP242: DJ TA

Get ready to vibe with Episode 242 as we dive into the world of DJ T.A., aka Tourea Adams, repping the Northside of Oklahoma City. At just 16, he was throwing unforgettable parties and began his start in music. DJ T.A. takes us back to his days learning to dj at Langston, soaking in wisdom from the legendary DJ Kielo. The game-changer was his concept birthed at 3-6 Lounge, setting a new DJing standard that rocks the crowd like no other. He reminisces about the camaraderie that once defined the scene, sharing insights on his era of DJing and the missing magic today. DJ T.A.’s journey unfolds, from spinning for OK artist Super Jay to hitting the road, revealing his take on OKC’s culture and its hunger for better DJ-promoter collaborations. The narrative takes an inspiring twist as DJ T.A. shares his transformation from the collective identity of Mafia DJs to the individual eminence he commands today. With his signature style, he orchestrates the ambience and hypes any setting, be it corporate events or the club scene. DJ T.A. is super talented with an incredible sense of business acumen. He has his sights set on djing arenas and we are sure his hunger and drive will create success. He is super humble and gives flowers to all the legendary djs in Okc.

Catch DJ T.A. spinning at hotspots like Putnam City High School football games, Senor Shots, City Garden, and Remington Park Casino. Stay updated via his Instagram @djta405 for the ultimate party experience.

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