Dre Taylor built his first computer at nine years old. His dad made sure to give him Christmas gifts like doorbell kits, magnet projects, or something related to science. Dre may have rather had a remote control car, but in hindsight, his parents may have been on to something. Now, Dre works for himself as a graphic designer, photographer, and owner of KOR Artistry. He’s the man behind brandymayes.com and led the way in getting A Shot of Brandy Podcast on iTunes, the Apple Podcast App, and Google Play. From Brooklyn, to Japan, to Oklahoma, the husband, father, and brother has always seemed to do his own thing. Whether it was identifying with skater culture, picking up graffiti, almost never coming back to the states, or deciding to quit his corporate job to start his own business, Dre has been true to himself. Brandy takes us through Dre’s experiences, how he developed his business practices, living abroad, and where his own personal brand of creativity has brought him.


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