EP80: December 4th 2018

Thankful to see 32 years on earth. Reminiscing on back in the day when me and my cousin Vay used to record our radio station on the boom box with a blank tape. I remember typing out my Facebook interviews, dreaming of being in Vibe magazine. The universe continues to conspire to help me achieve even my wildest dreams.

I’m thankful for the listens. I’m thankful for the plays. I appreciate my guests coming out.

Throughout the years I’ve evolved with my creativity. I’ve always created – it’s just in me. I love it.

I don’t put timelines on my life anymore. 30 showed me that. I let that go and let God guide me.

Now I just want to enjoy today riding around LA listening to the album of the year, Nipsey Hussle. Victory Lap.

It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.

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