EP37: De’lona Monay

Once you get tired enough of a situation, most people do something about it. De’Iona Monay got tired, did something about it, and then started a business from what she learned. The author, speaker, and credit repair specialist talks to Brandy about her life, entrepreneurship, and the importance of understanding credit. Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, she knew the formula most kids are conditioned to follow was not for her. Graduating high school, going to college, getting a “good” job, and repaying student loans was not the life she wanted. Instead, she carved a path for herself studying credit repair and sharpening her craft for more than a year while applying strategies she’d learned from previous projects as she built her own business. De’Iona is honest about hardships she faced while building her brand, but it was those adversities that led her to where she is now. As her own boss, she helps people repair their credit and coaches them on the decisions that got them there in the first place in order to prevent them from repeating the cycle. With business booming, an e-book published, and tax season in full swing, the credit coach drops valuable knowledge for a lot of people.  


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