In a world where lenses cost more than the camera, late nights and no days off are routine, and love and dedication are a requirement, Jay Rid has done more than make a name. He’s found a purpose. The director is a self-taught visionary, husband, and father from Spencer. Brandy catches up with the fellow creative and learns more about his background and how Jay got to where he is now. His brand and quality of work is so well known that most people call him VideoHero even though he didn’t mean for that to be his name. Whether it’s a web series, documentary, short film, events, weddings, or videos, he’s worked with a majority of the previous guests. He talks about some of the greats that he studies like Hype Williams and Ryan Coogler. Now, he’s moving towards working with interns and understudies of his own. The City might not always value its own talent, but all Jay asks is that you respect the shooter.

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