They don’t call her boss lady for nothing. Loniesha Tempson is the other side of Oklahoma’s successful restaurant brand, Off the Hook. She is the business mind behind Chef Slawta’s culinary arts. The wife, mother, and entrepreneur shares her story with Brandy from a difficult childhood to growing a food truck into two restaurant locations. Boss Lady talks about the journey to Off the Hook – from finding a fully loaded food truck to stumbling across the fully equipped Britton location more than three years ago. From a distance it might look random, but each milestone in the Tempson family’s business development was actually planned, ordained even. Deals seemed to come out of nowhere, dreams inspired interior design, relationships helped plant the seed, and each thought Loniesha seemed to have manifested. The tenacity and fearlessness of the business woman fueled the creative talent and culinary passion of the Chef. Together, Off the Hook has become an undeniable success story. With a return to their food truck roots, the upcoming one year anniversary of the second location, Chef’s recipes and Boss Lady’s business acumen, OKC is bound to see much more from the dynamic duo

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