EP82: Joe McCormick

Joe’s talent outpaces how long he’s actually been creating art. He entered a tattoo shop as a customer, but left with his passion. The young artist went from drawing on paper day after day to purchasing a kit and tattooing himself. Even as his own biggest critic, Joe’s work was so well done that his social media platforms grew, driving customers to book him for their ink. Not one to stay in his comfort zone, he began painting and creating original works of art on canvases other than skin. Joe talks to Brandy about growing up in Oklahoma, his journey to becoming an artist, why people get face tats, and how you know that you’ve found your purpose. In school, he didn’t consider himself to be particularly creative or have a special interest in art, but his first grade teacher was spot on when she said that his perspective was beyond his years and called him an artist. Keep an eye on Works By Joe because if you blink, you’ll probably miss his next level up.

Oklahoma Tattoo Gallery
12339 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73142

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