EP99: The Return Of Chop Chop w/ Seasoned Brand

A lot has transpired since Chop Chop last visited the show in Episode 32. This week, Chop returns to discuss his successful streetwear line – Seasoned Clothing and Apparel. Hip Hop is always ready to crown the next but Chop felt it was necessary to celebrate the seasoned vets. He discusses how he desired to create not just T-shirts, but meaningful conversation pieces with a hip hop flair influenced by FUBU and Karl Kani. Chop explains how he felt there was a gap in the market for streetwear from people who looked like him and thought like him. He utilized his hustler’s mentality and went straight to consumer and was soon in high demand. The brand was able to obtain a new audience on the West Coast after a post from Nipsey Hussle and several viral posts also created a buzz for the brand. Seasoned Clothing is now international and creating their own niche in the marketplace. Chop gives a behind the scene look on the dedication necessary to not only create a dope brand but one that endures to elevate the culture. From learning to screen print, to creating sketches and bringing the vision to life; Chop details his hands on involvement. Chop also employs his brand to work with local and international graphic designers and artists to give others a platform as well. Chop also discusses what’s next for the brand and how they will continue to revolutionize the game. At a time when many are nostalgic for that classic hip hop feeling, Seasoned Clothing Apparel is giving us the flavor we are craving.


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